Gluten-Free & Wheat-Free Community Resources


Here at WOW Baking Company we know how tough being gluten-free can be, and how valuable trusted resources are. That’s why we have created a gluten and wheat free community page for connecting people and sharing insights.

Information about Celiac disease & gluten intolerance

Celiac Disease: A lifelong digestive disorder triggered by the ingestion of gluten which can result in damage to the small intestine. This can lead to gastrointestinal distress & malnutrition. The only treatment is to avoid foods that contain gluten.

Gluten:  A protein enzyme found in wheat, barley, rye and triticale (a cross between wheat and rye).

Certified gluten-free

All WOW Baking Company products are certified gluten-free and wheat free! The gluten-free certification is designed to protect consumers with Celiac disease and other gluten-related disorders by confirming that a food, drink or supplement meets strict standards for gluten-free safety.

Real ingredients

One way we show our community that we care is by baking real ingredients into each cookie and product. WOW Baking Company sources real butter, Madagascar bourban, vanilla, quality chocolate and even organic cane sugar to sweeten the deal.

We love our social media community! You tell us what you think about our products and we listen! Please also share ideas, recipes and resources to encourage others seeking support or information about living wheat and gluten-free. We may contact you to share your social media post in the Community Stories box below.

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Tell us your gluten-free story

Community Stories & Resources

This is a collection of online resources available today that we're hoping will both inform and encourage you. We will be adding stories from our community as they come in. If you have a story or idea to share, please see the blue box below. You can email any resources we've met by clicking the button below.

Samantha (Utah)

I wanted to say how excited I was to receive my Chocolate chip cookie! When I opened the box my first response was “Whoa! That cookie is huge!” My husband was also surprised because he is used to how small most GF cookies are. So, of course I had to open it and taste it right away. I have had Celiac Disease for 9 years now and have tried almost every kind of GF cookies out there. So I can say this with full authority that your cookies are the best that I have ever had. They were perfect!!! I love that they were soft and actually had the texture of a normal cookie. I couldn’t believe it so I had my husband try a bite. Normally, his opinion is that GF food is “nasty” but when he took a bite of your cookie he said “wow that really is good!” I laughed because I remembered it saying on your site that your products leave people saying “WOW.” Well it sure did and I wanted to thank you very much and Ill know from now on where to get a good cookie when I want one. Thank you all so very much.

Brianne Schizzle

I just so happened to come across Wow Cookies at Target yesterday. I purchased the Key Lime White Chocolate and I LOVED them. I went back today and bought one of every flavor they had FANTASTIC!!

Elizabeth (California)

I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease about 2 months ago and thought I would probably never have a completely fantastic chewy cookie again. The “Oregon Oatmeal” WOW cookie proved me wrong, it is better than an gluten-full product I’ve ever had!

Jillyn B. Jones

I ran across your products on a recent visit to Seattle, WA. I have to say, the Key Lime White Chocolate Cookies are the BEST cookies I have ever eaten. I cannot believe they are wheat & gluten-free! I had picked up 2 bags originally, but after tasting them I went back to the store and bought every single bag they had in stock before returning home to Utah. I am a fan for life!

Kelcie Mickels

The BEST cookies, between gluten and gluten free, I’ve ever had, hands down. The Oregon Oatmeal is so good, I’m buying a whole case from your website. Keep bringing us the best!

Anne (California)

I recently started a gluten free diet and found one of your chocolate chip cookies at the local natural/organic foods grocery. I must say that it is one of the best tasting gluten free cookies I have tried. Thank you for producing delicious gluten free sweets!

Valerie (Washington)

I received 3 WOW cookies for my birthday earlier this month - one of each flavor - what a treat! It has been almost a year since I’ve been diagnosed with Celiac Disease. I have adapted some recipes and tried different bakeries in the Seattle area, but I must say your cookies are the BEST! I have just purchased the ginger molasses dough, rolled the cookies out in sugar and baked them in a convection oven until they were just done- a little soft in the middle. Mmmm. My family votes it is the best cookie ever! Thank-you for your commitment to making delicious products for the gluten intolerant.

Kaylee (Arizona)

I was at my fancy neighborhood market and your brownies were out as samples. As I picked one up I saw the sign that said, “Wheat and gluten free!” A wheat loving girl, I rolled my eyes but the sample was already almost in my mouth so I ate it. Oh my god! It was the best store bought brownie I’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting! I bought one and had a really hard time sharing it with my boyfriend. I only wish that there were nuts in them, then they would be perfect. Your brownie has also inspired me to experiment with gluten free baking, although I’m sure I will be buying plenty more brownies in the meantime. Thank you!

Patricia Muriel Williams

Have gotten to try some of their products and let me tell you. They are so good and you would never guess that they are wheat and gluten free even my four year old daughter loves them. We even left some out for Santa. Everyone must try.

Cheryl (Washington)

Had a peanut butter and also ginger cookie from WOW and they are so good! Can no longer have gluten and this is wonderful to discover! Also appreciate the nutritional info as gluten free doesn’t mean fat free!

Cybele (The Whole Foods Allergy Cookbook)

GF brownies and cookies that taste better than the kind with wheat. Really really good. Not free of eggs or dairy tho…


Thanks for the cookies and brownies! Wow is right – aroma, texture, flavor. A feast for all of the senses. I had completely given up on GF baked goods, they all tasted like rice flavored styrofoam to me. Your Ginger Molasses cookies are even better than mine! Can’t wait for the cake mixes to be available! Keep up the great work, the world needs you.

Marvin (Utah)

Your products are amazing; better than 99% of baked goods I had before I found I was gluten intolerant. It’s awesome to eat my favorite baked treats again! Keep up the great work!! thanks.

Giselle Gispert-Gutierrez

Your Snickerdoodle cookies are everything!! best cookies I’ve ever had hands down!

Rachel Fowler

I normally don’t care for sweets to much but the peanut butter cookies my two yr old picked out I’m completely obsessed!

Menakshi Raja

I’ve only had the chocolate chip cookies but I am obsessed and need to try every flavor ASAP! Soft, chewy and delicious.

Jennifer Amato

I have been following a gluten-free diet (among other restrictions) for months now and was not satisfied with my snack choices. I discovered WOW products while in Disney World last month – and was completely shocked to find they are sold outside of Disney under the WOW name, and at my local Target. I went and bought 10 bags of the lemon, key lime and chocolate chip cookies. These are some of the best cookies I’ve ever had, period! They are soft, chewy, flavorful and larger than expected – with the nutrition info being acceptable for my diet. This has become a new obsession of mine. I’m eating a chocolate chip cookie right now!! These are amazing.

Rozen (Michigan)

I tried a sample of your chocolate chip cookie at Life Smart Foods. I could not get that cookie out of mind, and then it sent me into an addiction, I had to have that cookie!! I drove back a week later to purchase a cookie, good thing it was in an individual package or I would have eaten the whole box. I did not share that cookie and have told several people about the cookie and where to buy it. I easily could sell those cookies, if I could figure out how not to eat them all. Thanks for a great product. I forgot to mention I have endless food allergies too, but no problems with this cookie. Keep up the great work. I’ll have to see if Life Smart carries your brownies.

Lisa (Louisiana)

Whole Foods Bakery Employee - I was looking for gluten free products to try. I bought a 12 oz. tub of the chocolate chip cookies to try. This product was new to the store. They were so good. I had a hard time with self- control. These were by far the best cookies I have found.

Maiv Lis Vaj

I’d never heard of the brand, but came across it at Target. I was looking for not just chewy, but actual good-tasting cookies (delicious, chewy cookies are hard to come by). That’s when I saw WOW Baking Company’s cookies and thought I’d give it a try. I couldn’t decide between the chocolate chip (which are usually my personal favorite cookies across different brands) or the lemon. I ended up getting the lemon because lemon-y cookies are usually more forgiving in their flavor versus a terrible tasting chocolate chip cookie. The moment I tasted the lemon burst cookie..I literally said “WOW” (no pun intended) and had my sister try it too. She was also wowed. These are some of the best cookies I’ve tasted. They were chewy and soft, but doesn’t crumble apart like other cookies do. The lemon flavor tastes so fresh – especially in the after taste. The cookie also is the perfect amount of ‘sweet’ which makes it consumable to all individuals. Everything about this cookie was perfect from texture, consistency, and taste. They are also definitely the first ones that I score as 5/5 in all 3 of those categories. I will definitely be repurchasing as well as purchasing the other flavors to try out. I am definitely a new, loyal customer to this brand. I hope to see the other flavors in store soon as there were only the lemon burst, chocolate chip, and key lime white chocolate. I’d love to try the other available flavors by the brand. Overall, 5/5 is the well-deserved rating I give.