What Others Say About WOW Baking

I’d never heard of the brand, but came across it at Target. I was looking for not just chewy, but actual good-tasting cookies (delicious, chewy cookies are hard to come by). That’s when I saw WOW Baking Company’s cookies and thought I’d give it a try. I couldn’t decide between the chocolate chip (which are usually my personal favorite cookies across different brands) or the lemon. I ended up getting the lemon because lemon-y cookies are usually more forgiving in their flavor versus a terrible tasting chocolate chip cookie. The moment I tasted the lemon burst cookie..I literally said “WOW” (no pun intended) and had my sister try it too. She was also wowed. These are some of the best cookies I’ve tasted. They were chewy and soft, but doesn’t crumble apart like other cookies do. The lemon flavor tastes so fresh – especially in the after taste. The cookie also is the perfect amount of ‘sweet’ which makes it consumable to all individuals. Everything about this cookie was perfect from texture, consistency, and taste. They are also definitely the first ones that I score as 5/5 in all 3 of those categories. I will definitely be repurchasing as well as purchasing the other flavors to try out. I am definitely a new, loyal customer to this brand. I hope to see the other flavors in store soon as there were only the lemon burst, chocolate chip, and key lime white chocolate. I’d love to try the other available flavors by the brand. Overall, 5/5 is the well-deserved rating I give.

- Maiv Lis Vaj

Just some context, I am not someone who is sensitive to gluten. But I often find that, gluten free products use better ingredients and just taste better. This is absolutely the case with Wow Baking. The first I tried was the brownie which is probably top 3 brownies I’ve ever had. soft and fudgy with lots of nice chocolate chunks. The other that I tried was the snickerdoodle, I can honestly say it’s the best that I’ve tried. Super, ridiculously, deliciously soft with lots of cinnamon. I highly recommend everyone, even those who aren’t sensitive to gluten to try these products.

- Michael Kubota

I have been following a gluten-free diet (among other restrictions) for months now and was not satisfied with my snack choices. I discovered WOW products while in Disney World last month – and was completely shocked to find they are sold outside of Disney under the WOW name, and at my local Target. I went and bought 10 bags of the lemon, key lime and chocolate chip cookies. These are some of the best cookies I’ve ever had, period! They are soft, chewy, flavorful and larger than expected – with the nutrition info being acceptable for my diet. This has become a new obsession of mine. I’m eating a chocolate chip cookie right now!! These are maxing.

- Jennifer Amato