WOW: Delicious baked goods without wheat or gluten

Gluten-free folks traditionally had very limited cookie choices. Sadly, most of the cookies that were available at that time, were less than desirable. It all started with four original cookie flavors and a signature decadent Chocolate Brownie. Since then we have expanded our line of delicious gluten-free baked goods and now offer 9 delightful flavors year-round and 3 tasty seasonal flavors that are sure to please your whole family. Hearing comments from parents saying, “thank you” for the delicious gluten-free cookies that their child loves, or “cookies the whole family enjoys,” affirmed we were on the right track.

At WOW Baking Company we are dedicated to creating the best tasting wheat and gluten-free baked goods found anywhere. Our baked goods are crafted with quality, ingredients and include products grown from non-GMO seeds, unsulfured dried fruits, fair trade chocolate and sugar from pure sugar.

At WOW, we recognize the importance of the contributions each of our employees make every day as part of our team, and we are dedicated to maintaining a “safe”, cooperative teamwork environment where employees are recognized and have some fun as well.

More WOW Factors:

WOW produces products in a dedicated CERTIFIED gluten-free facility.

WOW is committed to reducing our carbon footprint. Our participation in "Green Scene" allows over 90% of our potential waste to be recycled or composted.

WOW Baking is committed to increasing awareness of Celiac disease, as well as gluten and wheat sensitivities.

WOW products are certified GMO-free.

WOW Baking supports small and all types of minority owned businesses. We welcome diversity within our company and respects the individuality of each member of the WOW team.

WOW Baking continues to be a committed business partner with our customers, suppliers, service providers, and distributors in the US, Canada, Mexico, and Europe.

WOW Leadership


Susan Howe

Owner & Director of Product Development

Susan is formally trained in culinary baking and enjoys coming up with delicious new recipes. A graduate of the Western Culinary Institute in Portland, OR, she has a true passion for baking. Susan spent countless hours mixing and testing to master the ultimate blend of ingredients. After the WOW team gets a chance to devour her creations, she evaluates the comments and refines the recipes to perfection.